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Backporch bakery

What started with cupcakes and the occasional delicious loaf of dark chocolate zucchini bread has now become Roundup's very own bakery. From cinnamon rolls and danishes, to artisan sugar cookies and fudge, The Backporch is proud have a team of bakers baking up delicious treats for you to have with your coffee, gift to your family, or bring to your next meeting. 

Equally exciting, this team of bakers has made it possible for us to bake our rolls and breads in house. Now when you chomp into a pulled pork sandwich or cut into your gravy smothered biscuits, you can rest assured knowing the bread was all baked fresh in our kitchen. 

Custom Orders

Our baking team has lots of tools and tricks in their tool belts and are excited to help you with your custom orders. Do you need a cake for a party? We gotcha covered. How about a dozen custom sugar cookies that spell your child's name? We do that too! From cakes and cookies to rolls and pastries, we would love to chat with you about your baked needs.

Give us a call at 406.323.2100

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