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Tuesday - Saturday

7am - 8pm


7am - 2pm

101 Main Street
Roundup, MT 59072
(406) 323-2100

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the story

We believe in really good food that tells a story. 

Our barbecue techniques and recipes were created in my father's smoke pit, and our baking program is built on the recipes from the kitchens of my mother and my grandmothers. 

We care about our ingredients and where they come from. We serve Montana steaks for breakfast. We top our pancakes with butter made with local honey. We serve damn good coffee that saves the planet, supports women, and small communities just like ours. 

We celebrate the varied regions of American BBQ in our sauces and our meats.

We cherish the smell of rolls fresh out of the oven. We love the smile on a kids face when they see cinnamon rolls bigger than their head. 

Our restaurant brings people together to laugh, to connect, and most importantly share a meal. 

Welcome to The Backporch, we can't wait to hear your story.


With a secret mixture of spices and ingredients in our sauces and rubs, each bite of packs a punch.


We have six house-made sauces inspired by the history of barbecue in the US.

Have you met your favorite? 


Saucy sandwiches and drippy ribs are the name of this game. We will pack some extra napkins for you. 

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